Wish I’d made this…..

For our next Save Our Sanity Zoom session I wonder if any will be quilting one of these must-have quilts as a background?


This one is available as a custom order from SewItSeamsCreations, the Oregon based stitcher Veronica Johnson, on Etsy

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Selvedge – Online Talk

Selvedge magazine are hosting online talks, the first of which will be on Wednesday 27th June. The subject of this talk titled “Getting Dressed” is historical costume. The speakers are Kiki Smith, Susannah Buxton and Zack Pinsent who all work with historical dress  from different periods in history. They will give an insight into their careers and their period of interest.

20200521_224851The ticket price of £25 seems a little stiif to me, for an online event, but Selvedge magazine articles are usually of high quality so I would expect this to live up to their standards.

For more information and to book a place: Getting Dressed

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Prism online – In Search of (Im)Possibilities

For obvious reasons Prism’s next exhibition IN SEARCH OF (IM)POSSIBILITIES won’t be open for visitors, so the group have arranged to hold an online festival. This started unfolding last week in regular daily posts on their blog. It begins with a Welcome and continues with explorations of the three themes: Environment, Materials and Place.

I am delighted that Prism have chosen to do this as I often find it physically difficult to get to exhibitions. This sort of access might not do justice to the full exhibition experience but i find it allows me more time to take in details and consider the development and meaning of this sort of artwork.


This piece by Jackie Hodgson was “made of over a thousand French knitted tube and hand embroidered whipped stitch clusters (on) canvas”

From the Welcome page you use the left pointing arrow (seems backwards to me!) to navigate to the next section to discover more, culminating (I gather) in an opening on 26th May, but I might have got very confused. Anyway explore it for yourself!

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Zoom reminder

Just a quick reminder that our next Zoom SoS is on Wednesday 20th May

see the main post for details 


If you are joining please make sure you have uploaded the most recent Zoom update which was issued last week

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Zoomtime for SOS at home#4

The next Zoom session for branch members, current and past,

will be on Wednesday 20th May from 13.30 to 15.30

To request your invitation

Contact me on hertstitch@gmail.com

by 22.00 on Tuesday 19th May

Please do not use other addresses you may have for me, I get confused!

I don’t know all our new members so if you joined recently let me know how long you have been with us and when I might have seen you, it might save me having to verify your membership.

Invitations will be sent out on the morning of the meeting by 11.30,  so please check your inbox and spam/junk in good time.

I am now getting better at organising myself, so unless there is a huge flood of requests for invitations everyone should be able to get in. I don’t reserve places, not even for Committee members or special friends, so everyone has to request an invitation for each meeting.

If you are new to Zoom and online meetings please read this download SOS at Home – instruction PDF.

Please also read this before the meeting.

Information about all future sessions will be posted here. In future I won’t be asking Sue to email all members, although she might choose to do so anyway. So you might want to sign up as an email Follower to make sure you get the information in time. Look for: Follow Blog via Email in the sidebar.

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