I hope you will use Hertstitch as a place to come and see what is going on at the branch, whether or not you can get to meetings – it is a sort of noticeboard, you can come to look and comment or put up your own notices (or posts).

A very simple way to join in is to become a Follower – this means that whenever something new is posted on the blog you will get an email to let you know.  The email will contain a link for you to click, this will take you to the blog so that you need not remember the address.

Just click on the Follow Hertstitch box in the sidebar, on the right.  You will have to give your email address and a name, but this need not be your full name, you can use a screen-name or on-line identity if you prefer.

Another easy way to join in is to Comment –  at the bottom of all posts there is an invitation to Leave a Comment, clicking on it will take you to a box which you can type your comment into, you will also have to give your name (first name & initial or a screen-name) and an email address, the address will not be shown on your comment. you can also comment on anything by using the Contact Us label on the right. I will add it to the site for you.   

Your first Comments will take a while to appear. This is because they have to be moderated, that just means I let them in. I don’t alter or edit comments from members unless they are offensive, your words are the ones which appear . Only your first few Comments have to be approved, after that they will be accepted automatically and show up very quickly

Your Comments and Feedback are always welcome, especially if you have ideas and suggestions on what you would like to see here and how you want to use the blog.

If you want to Post just ask for an invitation to become a joint Author, I know it sounds odd that you have to ask to be invited but that’s how it works! Any branch member can become an Author, this will allow you to post text and pictures. Just contact me and I will sort it out.

You can also Post by sending me an email, I will then put it on the blog for you. If your post includes photos please send them as attachments.

Some members will be able to have their own section or Page of the blog. Mostly they will be committee members. If you already have a blog or website of your own it can be listed in  Members’ Blogs and Websites so that other members can find it. Visiting these is a great way of finding out what our members are up to and seeing more of their work. It’s good to see how much creative talent we have around us.

Members who are already familiar with modern technology will know how to get regular updates, use Feeds and all sorts of gizmos – unfortunately I haven’t got to grips with all that myself yet. I have started a Flickr account for Hertstitch, so if you already use a similar platform for your photos you might want to link up, I would be delighted if someone could give me some guidance on this until I get up to speed.


9 Responses to HOW TO USE THIS SITE

  1. Margaret says:

    Well done Eva.
    Coincidentally the new EG website is now up and running.

  2. sewforever says:

    Please may I have permission to post a photo and a few words i.e…..and hence become a joint author!

  3. sewforever says:

    Thanks Boss…now need to find out How to Post!! If I get stuck I’ll return….

  4. sewforever says:

    I managed to post …thank you…

  5. Sue Baughan says:

    Hello, Do you have a space yet for completed squares of the Chairman’s Challenge? I have a photo and explanation sheet to upload if I may.

  6. hertstitch says:

    hello sue, i guess from your second comment (which i deleted) that you have found the answer to this already – but just in case anyone else is wondering:
    yes we have a space for completed squares, you can send them to me to upload using our branch email address or become an author and do it yourself – remember to hand in a copy of your sheet with your square too
    i’m looking forward to seeing it

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