Saturday 20th October – Books for Stitches, Workshop

Sat 20th October Workshop

Books for Stitches

Eva Cantin

Books and book like forms have become popular with stitchers as a way of displaying work, develop skills and techniques and purely as objects to embellish.

This will be a workshop for beginners to Bookbinding.

Eva will demonstrate and guide participants through the stages of making a Concertino Book with blank pages to fill. Also known as a Leporello or Accordion book, the processes you learn can be used for a variety of other book forms in paper, fabric and other materials.

Other simple book structures which can be made from textiles or filled with stitching,samples,sketches or scraps will also be explored.

Participants will learn how to:

  • prepare a board and cover it with appropriate covering material

  • prepare and fold paper pages and attach these to boards

We will also

  • discuss different adhesives and materials for making books

  • explore a variety of closures and cover embellishments for the book

  • examine a number of alternative book forms

Note: this is an unstitched book

  • stitching the spine of a book will not be covered on this course

Participants will leave with their own concertina book and the skills for creating a variety of book forms of their own.

There might be a small charge for materials, max £5, tbc.

Mixed media, basic stitching

Suitable for all skill levels

Eva says:

I like to work with reclaimed and recycled materials as well as all sorts of odd things I pick up – this will be reflected in the workshop – I try to use equipment which is easily available around the home rather than buying specialist material which I might not use again, so you won’t need to go shopping before the workshop

As a result my work is rarely “archival” quality but it should last long enough to be enjoyed by me and whoever it gets passed on to – I make things to be handled and used lovingly

The skills and techniques I will be sharing can be used to produce fine and accurate pieces, although these are not qualities I often aim for in my own work – I will show you how, then it will be up to you develop your own style.