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In 2006 the Guild celebrated its centenary and our branch held an exhibition at Trestle Arts Base in St Albans. The gallery has a tall stairwell display space, so we decided to stitch a long banner of the branch name. This was also an opportunity for as many members as possible to contribute to the exhibition by each stitching a single letter or number.

A red thread was chosen to run through all the squares, as red is the Guild colour. Shades of green and turquoise were used for the background fabric to contrast with the red. Cotton was dyed in the chosen shades by Margaret P who also cut it into individual squares. Each participant received a kit of fabric, red thread and an outline of a letter  (assembled by Margaret P), which they could stitch in any style and colour. The response was excellent and about 45 members joined in.

The letters were joined vertically (by …. guess who!) to create the appropriate length, although this shape had to be modified for future use in smaller spaces. Margaret also took photos of each completed square – you can see these through the links at the bottom of the page.

Stitching small individual pieces has repeatedly proved popular for branch projects in recent years. The challenge of a small piece with a given theme which also allows for individual choice is something many of find inviting. The most recent of these is the 2013 Chairman’s Challenge.

Click here to view photos of the Banner 

If you took part please contact us

so that your name can be added to your work

2 Responses to BRANCH BANNER – 2006

  1. Sheila Hirst says:

    Could we see the banner Joan put together of 2″ squares. Lovely blog work in progress.

  2. hertstitch says:

    i am happy to show it if someone sends me photos

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