Friday 9th June 2017 – Joan Kendall

Joan Kendall, Textile Consultant at Hatfield House will be visiting to talk to us about a particular aspect of textile conservation at our local stately home. Joan comes highly recommended by our own member Julie W (among others).  I am delighted that Trish was able to book Joan visit as I am fascinated by the subject and techniques involved – I hope my enthusiasm is shared by plenty of other members.



a story of textile and other discoveries

When it was found that the main ceiling beam of the State Bedroom at Hatfield House was perilously cracked the State Bed from which it hung had to be dismantled and it was decided to begin a programme of conservation of the bed and the textiles in the room.

Although there were embroidered monograms on the tester there was no known precise date of the construction of the bed so identification of the weaving date of the distinctive Bizarre design of the crimson silk damask was the first clue which led to unexpected discoveries in the archives, in the textiles themselves, in the decorative techniques used at that period and eventually in a storage room in the basement and in the Old Wardrobe Room at Hatfield House.

During a two year programme of the conservation of existing textiles and of the replacement of missing textile areas to provide a suggestion of the original splendour of the room many innovative techniques were needed as well as conventional museum ones.

P.S. I found this blog while digging around: Textile Conservation Studio – worth a look for anyone interested in the subject – blogbeva