Chairman’s Challenge – 2017

My Chairman’s Challenge (which we didn’t do last year due to Festival Day) is going to be “An endless landscape garden”. Pat S has very kindly spent time working on the preparations for this project with me and I shall be ready to explain all at our February meeting.

In the meantime, the concept is that each piece of completed work (7″ x 5″) will go edge to edge to create an endless landscape. For this to be successful, some decisions and rules have to be pre-ordained. I shall have prepared templates and items needed available in February for those of you who would like to take part.

The beauty of this project (which is technically called Myriorama) is that no matter in which order the finished pieces are displayed, they will create a different scene.

This is much less complicated in action than the explanation, so please don’t worry, all will become clear! As long as the few rules are stuck to, the piece will be entirely up to you, traditional or contemporary style.

The challenge will be called “An endless garden” and pieces can also be entered in the 2017 Nora Jones Trophy competition, which we hope will encourage lots of entries. If this project really inspires you, there is absolutely no need to stop at just one piece, to make your very own endless garden requires just three pieces minimum. There is a little tutorial for you to download: myriorama-tutorial, you can also see it online here

I look forward to planning the finer details with you all in February.

Sue B

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