Saturday 4th November 2017 – Workshop

Stitchity Snippets

Sian Fenwick

Decorate snippets of vintage papers with teabags, napkins, deli paper, fabric paint and embellished with hand stitch.

These snippets can then be used to decorate a cover of a book, for card making, placed in journals/ sketch books or travelling books. They can also be worked together to create a larger piece. It is an ideal opportunity to have a go at lots of different little samples or snippets….who knows where this will take you

This workshop will be an extension of the techniques that I tutored at the branch evening. I understand that some might have done this workshop with me at my home studio before but I guarantee that there will be plenty of new techniques as well.

Handstitch with some mixed media

Suitable for all levels of experience

Sian Fenwick