A personal view – Loeticia Gibier Workshop

Branch Workshop with Loeticia Gibier,  21st September 2019

As a largely self-taught (non-traditional) stitcher, I have often felt a need for some focused tuition on proper stitch technique. So I booked a place on this workshop to take some first steps in goldwork and learn some new stitches.

Loeticia’s Kits contained all the supplies needed for the specially designed project “My Sewing Notions”, as well as a project instruction booklet and additional stitch booklet, all thoroughly illustrated. Served up in a sturdy box with delicate gifty touches, this was a delightful start to the day.

stitchers at work (5)

The first challenge was couching Pearl Purl for the scissor outline, a suitably curved and angled shape to provide lots of practice for a beginner like me. There were plenty of tips on all sorts of aspects of stitch technique for all skill levels, I even learned a new way to tie a knot.

The small group allowed for plenty of individual attention and I think we were able to cover learning about all the stitches we might struggle with.

It seemed that everyone met with different learning points, and took away more than another work in progress. By the end of the day I feel I had done just that, as well as a sense of achievement at not having given up in despair over long and short stitch.

the end of the day (6)

All that remains now is for me to keep working at this, not just to complete it but also as a challenge and exercise in proper neat, regular stitching.

More photos can be viewed on our Flickr Stream in the sidebar.


4th October update: I have finished the front of mine, I’m now completing the back so it will be ready to hang – see all of it on my blog stickyfingerstuff lg MSK detail


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