Campaign For Creativity

If you went to the spring Knitting and Stitching Show you might already have heard about the Campaign for Creativity.

Sign in Stitch

Like Helen and Lesley  you might even have signed in stitch.

Read more about it here as well:  Article in Craft Business

The online petition is on – for your support to count you must complete the online petition form.

To add your name to the “Creatition” (fabric version of the petition) come on 5th August to Stitch on Saturday and Sign in Stitch. There will be thread and fabric available for all. Very appropriate for Big Stitch Day!

If you can’t make it to SoS you can still stitch your own signature and send it to the Campaign for Creativity to be added to the Creatition shown at Knitting and Stitching this year. Or start your own collection of signatures on fabric from other supporters you know and send them all in. Just remember to sign online too.


P.S. Helen tells me she hasn’t suddenly become a royal, it’s just that Lesley was a faster stitcher!

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