Saturday 19th May 2018 – Back to Basics and Guest Speaker

Morning – Back to Basics

Dabble Day

A hands-on session of trying out new techniques and materials – you might need to bring a pinny.

Janette Bright

The Foundling Hospital and Its Tokens

Janette describes her involvement with the London Foundling Museum and how it has inspired her contemporary textile work.

Beginning with a short history of the Hospital, which is the central theme of the Museum, Janette will focus on the tokens and textile in the archives, and how her interest in them led to becoming involved in the exhibition “Threads of Feeling”. This looked at what the textiles could tell us about the eighteenth century but it also led Janette to want to learn more about the museum, its collection and its archive.

Her historical research has not only been the inspiration for textile work but has been completely life changing.