Saturday 9th June 2018 – Workshop

Tanya Haines

A Ribbon Embroidery Monogram

At her studio in Bedfordshire Tanya offers workshops and classes in a variety of traditional embroidery techniques. She will be coming to us to help members learn and develop the skills of silk ribbon embroidery, based on kits of her own design.


Workshop content

An introduction to the stitches used in silk ribbon embroidery.

  • Students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of stitches and discover how these can be used to form a number of different flowers.

  • Using what they have learnt, students will then choose their own flowers to embellish their monogram

The Silk Ribbon Monograms are stitched on silk dupion using hand painted ribbons.

Note this technique will only work if Silk Ribbons are used,

any supplied by the student MUST be silk

The student should bring:

  • 6 inch embroidery hoop (if used- recommended)

  • A sharp pair of embroidery scissors

  • £12.50 in cash for the kit, plus extra for any additional supplies purchased on the day

The tutor will supply a basic kit at a cost of £12.50 to include :

  • silk dupion screen printed with chosen monogram,

  • backing muslin,

  • thread for the outline, all needles

  • comprehensive instructions

The student will also need to purchase on the day 3 packs of silk ribbon of their choice, to complete the kit, 2 colours and a green. Current silk ribbon prices are £2.40 – £2.60 each, colours can be shared between students.

Students wanting to view the selection of ribbons can do so on the Common Thread Website – . Tanya will bring a range for you to choose from, as well as some of her other (irresistible) supplies. Students who wish to order specific supplies or who have any queries about them should contact Tanya themselves beforehand :

The monogram will be pre-selected by the student. Please inform the Programme Secretary* of your choice of initial by as soon as possible as these need to be pre-ordered from the Tutor.

Handstitch – suitable for all, basic stitch skills and beyond

Tanya Haines

* contact Programme Secretary using the details on your Programme Card, at a meeting or through:

This information can be downloaded here